Green Business Cases

Case 1 Michelin Dim Sum Shop Goes Electric

Electric cooking is getting popular both in the catering industry and at home for its benefits of providing a comfortable and safe environment. Tim Ho Wan, the popular One Star Michelin restaurant, for instance, recently opened its outlet at IFC Mall, Central and has adopted an all-electric kitchen.

Without combustion, electric cooking makes the kitchen cooler. Cooking temperature is also easier to control, preventing food from getting overdone. And thanks to the efficiency of the electric steam cabinet which allows us to produce steam rice pots quickly to meet lunch hour demands

  • The all-electric kitchen adopted in Tim Ho Wan's IFC branch in Central. Owner, Mr. Mak Kwai-pui (right), and his partner, Mr. Lam Shi-pui.
  • Mr. Mak Kwai-pui (left) and his partner Mr. Lam Shi-pui show off the soft and crispy roast pork buns prepared by an electric oven.
  • The efficiency that an electric steamer provides can meet the high demand in the commercial sector.

Case 2 Green Kitchen on the Campus

Bijas, an eco-friendly restaurant that offers vegetarian and healthy food at the Centennial Campus of The University of Hong Kong, has been assisted by HK Electric in setting up an all-electric kitchen for a better cooking environment.

Apart from adopting an all-electric kitchen, Bijas is also committed to preserving the environment by using recycled furniture, and to reducing food waste via their "pay-by-weight" system.

We are particularly satisfied with the quiet environment after switching to electric cooking. Since some of our staff are hearing impaired, they need to wear sound-sensitive hearing aids. If the noise level is too high, they will have to raise the amplification of their devices which is highly undesirable. The new electric kitchen has not only helped provide a more comfortable environment for all, but has also reduced emission to the vicinity of the restaurant.

  • Mr. Ling gets a comfortable room temperature of 19°C in the all-electric kitchen.
  • The all-electric kitchen provides a quieter environment for staff.
  • A “pay-by-weight” system can reduce food wastage.

Case 3 Electric Hot Water Pump System Saves On Costs

Besides adopting electric cooking equipment, another way to solve the problem of a hot kitchen is to use an electric pump to combine the functions of a water heater and air-conditioner. It takes in heated energy in the atmosphere to produce hot water and generates cold air which saves about 70% of energy when compared to traditional water heaters. The cold air generated can lower the temperature of the kitchen and reduce the need for air-conditioning.

Treasure Lake Catering Holdings Limited is a pioneer in the use of the heat pump system in its restaurants. As a matter of fact, many of its restaurants have switched to electrical cooking, thereby helping to reduce costs, save on energy and improve the working environment in the kitchens much to the pleasure of their staff.

Electric kitchens have definitely created a cooler, quieter and more comfortable place in which to produce culinary delights for the clientele of any restaurant.

Hot water is available whenever you switch on the system. It not only saves on time heating water, it saves 70% on fuel cost. With this system, there is more fresh air in the kitchen and the room temperature is lowered by 5-7 degree Celsius, providing staff with a comfortable working environment.

Executive Chef, Mr. S. C. Leung

  • Treasure Lake maintains a high quality in steamed food because of its use of electric steamers.
  • The heat pump system is multi-functional as it produces hot water and cool air at the same time.
  • It's ever so easy preparing congee with the induction cooking range.

Case 1 Laundry Service Makes Clean Electrical Start

Going electric has proved a blessing for a laundry operator with a chain of 17 such stores on Hong Kong Island. Managing Director of Sunshine Laundry Convenience Store, Mr. Ringo Wong, said that electric clothes dryers have brought various benefits including an improved and safer working environment and speedier laundry operation.

"Drying clothes electrically means there is no need to worry about gas pipes and other auxiliary equipment. Storing LPG bottles on the premises can be dangerous and occupies space. It is now easier to decide where you want to locate your equipment as even the basement may be considered for operation. Truly a way for us to cut rental costs," he explained.

"My staff has welcomed the introduction of these dryers as it does not involve combustion. Room temperature becomes lower, making the working environment safer and more comfortable," Chief Shop Manager, Ms. Annie Chau said.

HK Electric has worked closely with Sunshine Laundry on the change from traditional gas equipment to electric, helping the store to cut cost and to adopt energy-efficient clothes dryers. Mr. Wong was happy with the progress made with safer equipment and said that he is now contemplating round-the-clock self-service laundry for customers using the Octopus card.

Electric clothes dryers have brought various benefits including an improved and safer working environment and speedier laundry operation

  • Mr. Ringo Wong says electric clothes dryers are easier to operate, enabling a 24-hour self service to subsidise rental expenses.
  • Ms. Annie Chau is impressed with how electric clothes dryers have improved work environment.
  • Electric laundry equipment which is easy to operate provides a stable performance.

Case 2 Hassle Over with installation of Public Clothes Dryers

Mount Parker Lodge is the first housing estate that has installed public electric clothes dryers with the assistance of HK Electric. Like most private estates, Mount Parker Lodge has deterred residents from hanging their clothes out to dry as this would adversely affect the overall image and value of the estate. Assistant Property Manager, Mr. Ernest Chan, pointed out that after receiving comments from residents regarding clothes drying the management company decided to accept the proposal from HK Electric that a clothes drying room could be created from the space of a car park.

Naturally the feedback from residents has been nothing but positive. "Electric clothes drying is far better than using a gas-fired system as there is no toxic substance and does not affect the room temperature. We are ever so happy with the arrangement,” Mr. Chan stressed.

Little time was spent setting up two tumble dryers in this laundry room. As electric clothes drying does not involve combustion no toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, will be emitted. Additional ventilation facilities are not required and the overall investment is barely substantial. HK Electric's service was most comprehensive as it included selecting the dryers, cost planning and installation.

  • Mount Parker Lodge is the first housing estate installed with public clothes dryers with the assistance from HK Electric.
  • Paying with the Octopus Card is ever so convenient.

Case 1 Electric Open Kitchens: A Practical and Versatile Feature

Electric cooking is ideal for today's open kitchens, as it provides a healthier and safer cooking environment, while creating a stylish way of urban living. This explains why it has become more and more popular in new or refurbished flats, especially those with open kitchens.

Lying at the heart of the city, Island Crest in Sai Ying Pun, is well equipped with various kitchen appliances like electric cookers, electric washing and drying machines, electric water heaters, and so on.

The apartments shown here are equipped with electric open kitchens. Emission-free electric cooking allows kitchens to be installed away from windows, thus allowing tenants to have a better view of the outside world.

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