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Government Support

The HKSAR Government has introduced a number of measures to facilitate operators of data centres to identify suitable sites or premises in Hong Kong. Under the Revitalisation of Industrial Buildings measure, incentives that have been provided for the conversion of industrial buildings into data centres include:

  • The exemption of waiver fees for changing part of eligible industrial buildings into data centre use.
  • The Government will assess (based on the actual development and the high-tier data centre use) the premium for lease modification of such industrial lots.

Interested parties can submit valid applications to the relevant government departments.

To further support the development of data centres in Hong Kong, HK Electric has worked closely with the  Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and InvestHK. We have also actively collaborated with data centre operators to jointly promote the industry.

Co-location Service Providers

Company Name Tier Level Location Space Available Contact Details
(A SUNeVision
3+ MEGA-I,
399 Chai Wan Road,
Chai Wan,
Hong Kong

350,000 sq. ft.
CITIC Telecom
3+ 111 Lee Nam Road,
Ap Lei Chau,
Hong Kong

500+ racks
HKCOLO Sino Favour Centre,
1 On Yip Street,
Chai Wan,
Hong Kong