One-stop Customised Services

Single-point Contact

Maintaining a single-point contact with HK Electric


Giving recommendations on customer installations to further enhance supply reliability

Technical Advice

Providing technical advice and guidance to obtain new or additional supply to meet growing load demand

Service Update

Offering new service updates

Finding the Right Locations

HK Electric can provide you with the technical support and useful information to assist you in identifying a desirable site for your data centre operations:

  • Capacity of electricity supply available at the site
  • Technical information of the rising and lateral mains
  • Supply reliability and network design
  • Advise on supply availability and whether reinforcement is required within four working days

Ideal Locations on Hong Kong Island

  • Kennedy Town
    Kennedy Town
    • Easily accessible by public transport
  • Ap Lei Chau
    Ap Lei Chau
    • Easily accessible by public transport
  • Wong Chuk Hang
    Wong Chuk Hang
    • Easily accessible by public transport
    • Support from nearby co-location centres
  • Chai Wan
    Chai Wan
    • Support from nearby co-location centres
    • Other data centres located in old industrial buildings after successful conversion, for example, the e-Trade Plaza, which serves as a good example of a successful conversion.

To help data centres improve cost effectiveness, we provide a comprehensive range of advisory services:

Tariff Advisory Services

  • Customers with a large and stable load are likely to benefit from Maximum Demand (MD) Tariff. We offer free analyses to customers to visualise their electricity charges under Ordinary Tariff or MD Tariff, based on their most recent electricity consumption records.

Energy Management Services

  • Free energy audit and advisory service to improve energy efficiency.
  • Smart meters to provide load profile data to devise energy efficiency programmes for large installations.
  • Free advisory services on energy-saving and green solution / equipment and referral of equipment suppliers and contractors if required.