Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hong Kong Island is where Government departments have its headquarters and the head offices of many financial institutes, telecommunications and IT companies are located. Setting up a data centre here can provide you with the advantage of its proximity to all key business partners. Hong Kong Island also poses a good backup site for companies whose primary sites are located elsewhere.

  2. Industrial areas like Chai Wan, Wong Chuk Hang and Ap Lei Chau are all suitable sites as they are easily accessible by public transport.

  3. When compared to other world-class cities, HK Electric's customers enjoy one of the world's most reliable electricity supply services at a competitive price. Simply browse our tariff tables (Non-Residential Tariff / Maximum Demand Tariff) for further details.

  4. Data centre operators with a high and steady load are likely to benefit from the Maximum Demand Tariff. We will also offer the most favourable tariff rates based on your electricity consumption patterns.

  5. The supply lead time will depend on the site location and electricity demand. If the existing capacity is adequate, power supply will be available once the installation is ready for connection. If system reinforcement is required to meet additional demand, we will arrange a site meeting within four working days to provide an estimated supply schedule.

  6. Since 1997, HK Electric has consistently maintained an excellent track record of more than 99.999% in supply reliability. This compares favourably with the reliability levels of other metropolitan cities like Tokyo, New York or London.

  7. As long as the data centre is served by two utility feeds from different substations of the same power company, it will satisfy the Tier 4 requirements.

  8. HK Electric provides one-stop customised services to data centre operators. Our account managers, who are all professional engineers, will advise you on the most suitable solution to the electricity supply required by your data centre and assist you to identify the most desirable site. To help maintain a high operational efficiency in your data centre, we can also offer you a comprehensive range of energy management services like free energy audit and advisory service on energy saving, and so on.